Analytical Platforms

CATRisk® provides catastrophe risk solutions through a range of analytical and user interface platforms, based on clients’ need and resources.

Oasis Loss Modelling Framework

The Oasis Loss Modelling Framework (Oasis LMF) provides an open source platform for developing, deploying and executing catastrophe models. It uses a full simulation engine and makes no restrictions on the modelling approach. It has a full API built to the latest technology standards capable of automating all steps in model execution – uploading exposure, verifying exposure, running Cat Risk model, retrieving results – and provides interoperability with other systems. All exposure information is entered using the OED (Open Exposure Data) format, allowing a wide range of financial terms and conditions to be accurately captured and modelled. All CATRisk® models are developed based on Oasis loss modelling framework, benefiting from powerful simulation engine and fast computational modelling approach to perform full probabilistic risk assessment and integration of various uncertainties.

Nasdaq Risk Modelling for Catastrophes

Nasdaq Risk Modelling for Catastrophes (NRMC) is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that opens access to a CAT Risk modelling ecosystem for re/insurance firms, brokers and financial institutions. NRMC is powered by the state-of-the-art cat modelling analytical engine provided by the Oasis Loss Modelling framework (Oasis LMF). With a wide range of cat risk models across geographies at their hands, exposure teams can quickly evaluate and apply the models that support their needs. It is delivered as a service available 24/7, requires no client-side installations, and is backed by elastic data power in the cloud supporting any portfolio size and modelling frequency.

Oasis UI

Oasis User Interface (Oasis UI) is a web based user interface similar to NRMC which has been developed by Oasis LMF to run Oasis engine. It provides a simplified model run processes, results viewing and export, and in particular is intuitive for both cat model experts or novices. Watch the Oasis UI Walkthrough here. It is fully featured financial module for both direct and reinsurance contracts. All exposure information is entered using the open OED data format, allowing a wide range of financial terms and conditions to be accurately captured and modelled

Oasis API

Enterprise risk systems at insurance or reinsurance organizations could access Oasis LMF and its cat risk models using the Oasis APIs for pricing and portfolio management workflows. Oasis has a full REST API for managing exposure data and operating modelling workflows which could be used to run cat risk models.


CATRisk Pro is a full probabilistic catastrophe loss modelling application which provides catrisk assessment using state-of-the-are hazard modelling and detailed exposure data. The tool benefits from a detailed seismic hazard assessment and rich database of building characteristics as well as libraries of vulnerability functions for each risk categories based on local building quality and construction practices and other region-specific conditions. CATRisk Pro provides easy exposure and loss visualization, flexible data import and analyses, and comprehensive reporting on detailed and aggregated levels. Users could use CATRisk Pro to assess probabilistic losses and further model financial conditions to estimates gross, ceded and net losses to the portfolio. Access to CATRisk Pro and its models are provided on annual basis and through annual license agreement.