Site Specific Studies

Our experts are available for site-specific hazard, vulnerability and risk assessment for important or high value buildings and infrastructures, using our high resolutions hazard and structural analysis platforms.

Site-Specific Seismic Hazard Assessment

Using our well-tested and verified software tools and our scientific and engineering expertise in this field, we have conducted seismic hazard assessment for many engineering projects. Our services include: site-specific hazard curves, uniform hazard response spectra and hazard disaggregation.

Site-Specific Vulnerability Assessment

Loss assessments for buildings, infrastructures and industrial complexes with large sum insured values sometime require reliable vulnerability assessment. In such situations, we could provide consulting services such as site visit and screening for collecting building characteristics toward structural dynamic analyses to assess their fragility and vulnerability functions.

Site-Specific Risk Analysis

For single risk with large accumulation of insured values, CATRisk's engineers and scientists are prepared to undertake detailed investigation toward exploring various sources of direct and indirect sources of manmade and natural hazards. The study also could extend in field survey towards reliable assessment of vulnerability of building and facilities. Our risk analyses for such facilities include assessment of probable maximum losses (PML) and annual mean loss (AML).