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    HazInfo can also be used as a knowledge-based analytical tool, delivering seismic hazard calculation based on underlying data and setting pre-pre-processed and available in the platform. The tool benefits from an integrated GIS-based user interface and could provide facility for easy performance of seismic hazard assessment based on pre-processed modelled data files and setting available under the license agreement. These analyses include:

    • Site-specific seismic hazard assessment and visualization
    • Site-specific uniform hazard response spectra
    • Hazard disaggregation
    • Site-specific strong ground motion simulation using empirical Green Function
    • Ground motion time-history spectral matching
    • Stochastic simulation of synthetic earthquake catalogue
    • Multiple sites PSHA for Probabilistic Seismic hazard maps
    • Site-specific response analyses
    • Scenario-based deterministic seismic hazard

    HazInfo users can quickly perform probabilistic seismic hazard analysis by locating sites on the GIS-based user interface or entering site's latitude/longitude. The user can select seismic source model(s) from the databases of per-modelled fault and area seismic sources. A library of more than 50 well-known attenuation functions is also available to the user to choose from. Tool menus and wizards are also available to the user for various settings of analysis resolution, integration steps logic tree branches and other calculation settings. User-defined attenuation functions can be introduced to the system using user-friendly tools implemented in the software. In order to make best use of computer run time, batch processing are implemented in order to queue multiple hazard analyses which some time is required for multiple site hazard process or sensitivity analyses and parametric studies.

    HazInfo is designed in a project-based user interface framework allowing easy maintenance and simultaneous access to multiple projects. Input data, analyses setting and output results are all maintained in SQL-databases specified for each project. This knowledge-based software benefits from an extensive database of seismotectonic related information and library of well-known and recent attenuation functions. The user receives in addition to the software, an extension containing region-specific data. The region-specific databases can be easily updated as new information get available or if underlying assumptions need to be changed. The software generates seismic hazard report with relevant information suitable for inclusion in consulting reports. HazInfo user version comes with seismic sources for one or more regions based on the license. Seismic sources and other region-specific data for the following regions are available now.