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    HazMap is a GIS-based seismic hazard assessment software package which takes probabilistic seismic hazard assessment to a new stage. It is designed and developed by CATRisk® Solutions Ltd, incorporating more than 25 years' experience in the field of earthquake hazard and risk modelling.

    The software and its optional extensions are designed to fulfil the need of two groups of experts: PSHA model developers, PSHA Users in the following product plateforms:

    • Scientist and seismic hazard model developer could benefit from full functionality of CATRisk® hazard assessment tool under HazLab package to develop original seismic hazard model. »»»

    • PSHA users could use a knowledge-based analytical tool, delivering seismic hazard calculation based on underlying data and setting pre-pre-processed and available in the CATRisk® hazard explorer tool under HazInfo package. »»»