Catastrophe Risk Management Technology
  • Overview
  • Exposure DB Development
  • Exposure Data Cleaning
  • Exposure Geo-referencing
  • Exposure Proxy Modelling
  • Exposure Taxonomy Modelling
  • GIS-based Services and Solutions

    Almost all information used for cat risk modelling or even application of these tools are somehow geo-referenced and therefore, there is always need for map conversion from analogue format to digital or even from one digital format to another. At CATRisk® we have been using these techniques for many years and are happy to offer such services to our clients. These services include:
    • Scanning paper maps and Geo-registration of images
    • Digitization of base maps and preparation of attribute tables
    • Development of parametric and thematic maps
    • Raster to vector and vector to raster conversion
    • Development of mapping system between various admin boundaries based on area, population, building stock, and other criteria
    • Geo-coding and preparation of disaggregation and aggregation tools
    • Classification of Geological and Soil Maps