Catastrophe Risk Management Technology
  • Exposure DB Development
  • Exposure Data Cleaning
  • Exposure Geo-referencing
  • Exposure Proxy Modelling
  • Exposure Taxonomy Modelling
  • GIS-based Services & Solutions
  • Exposure Data Consulting Services

    For a risk to be modelled in a cat risk model, companies need to know what is being insured, at what location and at what replacement value. The reliability of catastrophe loss models depends on the quality and reliability of built environment data used as exposure data in these models. Capturing and maintaining high-quality built environment data is one of the most significant aspect of natural catastrophe loss modelling.

    The key to proper use of cat risk models are the reliability of the exposure data imported into the model. CATRisk® could help model users to develop and enhance the high quality exposure data. We could also help companies in preparation of their own exposure database in the following capacities: