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    Cat Risk modelling becomes an important aspect of day-to-day business for reinsurance and brokers due to the high complexity of insurers' exposure to natural catastrophes. CATRisk® Solutions Ltd is dedicated to bring multidisciplinary researches into design and development of catastrophe hazard and risk modelling applications and provide state-of-the-art catastrophe hazard and risk modelling services. We can help companies to better assess, understand, and manage their catastrophe risks. CATRisk® provides catastrophe risk solutions to help any company with financial assets exposed to natural hazards. This includes insurers, reinsurers, brokers, enterprises, corporations and even governments. We provides a range of solutions to deal with each of these complex issues from consulting services to desk top and web-based tools, based on our clients' needs, sizes, resources and affordability. These include:

    • For companies with repeated needs of cat risk modelling for a given peril and territory, CATRisk® provides its services implemented in a user-friendly platform called CATRiskInfo. This platform provides functionality and tools required for exposure data import, insurance loss calculation and loss results output. »»»

    • Some well-equipped Insurance and reinsurance companies have their own in-house developed financial tools to make further probabilistic and financial analyses on loss files produced by our cat risk models. We use our cat risk model to analyse probabilistic losses on their company-specific exposure or sometime industry exposure files and deliver CAT Loss File. »»»