Catastrophe Risk Management Technology
  • Overview
  • CAT Loss File
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • CAT Risk Model

    For companies with repeated needs of cat risk modelling for a given peril and territory, CATRisk® provides its services implemented in a user-friendly platform called CATRiskInfo. This platform provides functionality and tools required for exposure data import, insurance loss calculation and loss results output. CATRiskInfo is a complete catastrophe loss modelling application which provides property risk assessment using state-of-the-are hazard modelling and detailed exposure data.

    These tools provide easy exposure and loss visualization, flexible data import and analyses, and comprehensive reporting on detailed and aggregated levels. User can easily estimate the loss potential on his property exposure and further run financial analyses to estimates gross, ceded and net losses for his portfolio. The tool benefits from a rich database of building characteristics and libraries of vulnerability functions for each risk categories based on local building quality and construction practices and other region-specific conditions. User can use CATRiskInfo to price his services, estimate their safe retention and assess his reinsurance purchasing needs. CATRiskInfo provides fully probabilistic loss estimation for individual policies including a full probability distribution of losses leading to annual average expected loss and probable maximum loss (PML) on an occurrence basis or on an annual aggregate basis. Given the nature of such delivery, it would require a longer-term cooperation and agreement in order to provide further technical support and update on the model and its functionality.