CatRisk Models Overview

Our global cat risk model CRSEQ, deployed in Oasis LMF and available on several analytical platforms, being used by more than 35 (re)insurers and brokers, under annual license or as consulting services.

CatRisk Models Coverage

Our global model provides probabilistic earthquake loss coverage for more than 155 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe with the near-term plan to provide a global earthquake loss model by 2024.

Catrisk Analytical Platforms

Our clients could choose between several analytical platforms to access CATRiskĀ® models, all providing user-friendly UI for importfing (re)insurence portfolios and making full probabilistic loss assessment.

Catrisk Portfolio Analysis

We provide quick and affordable portfolio analysis services for (re)insurance and retrocession portfolios in the, including pre-analysis exposure services and post-analysis loss reporting and presentation.

What is Special About Us ?

CATRiskĀ® has developed natural catastrophe risk models for various part of the world, currently being used by (re)insurance industry, government officials and consulting companies. Based on our experience and along our mission, we deliver transparent and practical services and solutions out of scientific researches.

We are dedicated to bring multidisciplinary researches into design and development of catastrophe hazard and risk modelling applications and provide state-of-the-art consulting services and products to our clients worldwide.

Our Greatest Assets, Our Clients


Our values stand on our expertise and our models, our clients and our partners

Our Models

Our cat risk models are designed and developed to assess probabilistic estimates of catastrophe losses to (re)insurance portfolios using realization of many simulated stochastic scenarios, providing various economic and insured loss statistcs.

Our Clients

CATRiskĀ® provides risk managment solutions to several major reinsurers and insurance borkers worldwide. We are a client-centric company and client satisfaction in quality, transparency, functionality, technical documentation and support punctuality derive our business.

Our Partners

We have established strong cooperation with many players in the filed of catastrophe loss modelling, sharing scientific approaches, input data and modelling platforms, alongside with well-known modeling firms in the field of cat risk modeling.


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